The dangers of consuming tobacco products are well known by most Americans today. However, many still find it difficult to give up the smoking habit. In response, various industries have developed several products to assist smokers in making the transition away from traditional cigarettes. One of the newest and most promising is the electronic cigarette. These devices look, feel, and are operated similarly to traditional cigarettes. The user gets to hold it in the same fashion and inhale from one end of the product. Taking a draw from it is done in the same way as a cigarette. The user can control how frequently they take inhalations, giving them greater control than a regular cigarette, which will continue to burn when not in use. Because the experience mimics that of regular cigarettes, the person giving up traditional cigarettes does not go through the withdrawal of the habitual movements which are often associated with the difficulties smokers have in quitting the habit for good. Inside of the device, there is a small vial of liquid nicotine. Each time the person inhales, a small amount of this product is vaporized. The does not cause smoke and can be consumed in many public places that traditional cigarettes can not be. The liquid is available in several flavors, including the traditional and menthol. Additionally, users can find fruit and other exotic flavors to stimulate their palates. Also inside of the electronic cigarette is a small battery. This is how the device is powered. It allows the vial of eliquid nicotine to be vaporized and also lights up the other end of the product, giving an appearance like that of a regular cigarette. There are many companies on the market that make electronic cigarettes. Some of these products are disposable, lasting the general equivalent of one to two packs of regular cigarettes. After the liquid is vaporized and/or the battery dies, consumers simply throw the product away. These are the least expensive electronic cigarettes and can give smokers the opportunity to try the experience prior to making a commitment to the refillable ones. For the products that can be recharged and refilled, the initial expense is somewhat higher. These kits are ultimately less expensive, however. Once the kit has been purchased, users need only replace the vials of nicotine and the recharge the battery as needed. The replacement vials have the same wide range of flavor options as the disposable forms of electronic cigarettes. Most of the batteries are capable of being charged through a USB port, which virtually everyone today has access to. In addition, both types of electronic cigarettes come in different strengths. This means that users can customize their experience even further. People who smoke heavily can gradually step down their nicotine consumption. If you are among the many people still addicted to traditional cigarettes, trying electronic cigarettes may be a way for you to finally make the break from smoking. Use this information to determine which products will best suit your needs.